I on students’ Internet addiction factors were analyzed

USA Baptist Church outside the country in 1860 to enter the Chaozhou mission. To strengthen the missionary, they set up many schools. Baptist in Chaoshan area school has the characteristics of fast development, large scale, strong influence etc.. American Baptist in the Chaozhou Shantou area of the school, is accompanied by the unequal treaties give their privileges, with color culture forced penetration and school through Christian in Chaoshan people quickly spread, while the dissemination of Western civilization and values, to expand in China, the United States influence, objectively has also spread the knowledge of science and technology, for the development of education in Chaoshan area, talent cultivate a certain role.
Combined with the SQLite database and QT graphical user interface programming technology, proposes a data management module of the all electric injection molding machine visual design and the realization of the program, and integrate this module and an all electric injection molding machine controller, the user of the parameters of the injection molding machine query, modify, add, delete and other operations, and can store and load history process. Shorten the cycle of injection molding machine process, improve the injection production efficiency, guarantee the injection molding machine controller for different injection molding machine portability, has a very good application prospect.
% 26lt; positive% 26gt; combined with the high school teacher in charge work experience, I on students’ Internet addiction factors were analyzed, a large number of facts converge to a problem: parents neglect management, more accurately say children at home parents not at home. The one or two sentence is not clear, the following I through examples to illustrate. A classmate’s father since a primary school is in the field of business, one or two month trip back home, mother work in a supermarket, the noon not children, classmate a five or six thousand yuan of money to go out to eat, a noon meal with nothing to do, so with other students went to Internet cafes, the beginning to watch others play, was personally on the Internet, from eating